Tick Tock Tick Tock


The publishing journey with CreateSpace at Amazon.com has been such a great experience.  The edited manuscript has now been uploaded and the design team is currently formatting the book and preparing the book jacket.  It is such fun thinking about how to create a book cover that will make my readers want to pick up the book and read it. I can’t wait to see the two mock-ups in about a week’s time.  The book is coming to life and may even become available before the end of February.



About Mary Laudien

If you’re searching for carefree, cheeky blog sites that inspire belly laughs and tender moments from family drama and post career lifestyle choices; then please follow, FUN HAPPENS! Mary is many things (a long list…), but TODAY she’s a post innovative educator, who writes KIDLIT and humorous blog posts for “DOGGIE PEOPLE” (French Bulldog MG Series), “BOAT PEOPLE” (WHO’S the CAPTAIN? picture book), and “HAPPY/FUN PEOPLE” (Blog Posts) who relate to the amusing warmth in everyday life! PLEASE FOLLOW: FUN HAPPENS! KIDLIT & BLOGS with ATTITUDE

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