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Kids BLOG the Darndest Things !



Writing my books, Frenchie’s Best Friend and Frenchie X 2 from a 13 year old’s perspective through his nightly blog has been a blast!  It’s also such fun going into schools and discussing with intermediate grade students what makes for powerful blogs that others of similar interests will want to read. They immediately identify entertaining and humorous as the key factors to writing a successful blog.  During my presentations, there isn’t a lot of time, but just enough for students to make a brief attempt at posting a blog.  Some made personal connections with Ethan (the 13 year old main character) and his intense desire to become a French Bulldog owner; while others reviewed the book and made recommendations (OR NOT!).  Enjoy the sampling of humorous tidbits gleaned from some of the student blogs.

WOW! Who knew a retired principal could write an entertaining book full of humor? I want to read the book     because I want a pet really badly. The chapter she read us was hilarious and disgusting and made me want to read more.  The main character Ethan is really persevering! (Definitely an International Baccalaureate student wrote this one!)

The book was funny and entertaining. I think that it was a cool subject because I like dogs and animals.  In my opinion, the book should be an award-winning one. It was very creative!

Mary Laudien read me a part of her book today. I thought that that part was a little bit gross.  I’m not going to judge the entire book by that part but I think that the book is probably quite funny and humorous. That part of the book was a little bit too graphic for me though!

I am more that happy to see Mrs. Laudien! It is a good thing, no actually it is an awesome thing. I have a major connection with her book.  I am gaga (ha, ha – funny word “gaga” – cracks me up). I think of Lady Gaga.  Okay, wait, what was I saying?  Oh right, I am gaga for Frenchies, too.  They’re so cute and fat and I love that about them!

What a coincidence!  My brother’s name is Ethan! (My brother actually thinks the book is based on him.) Even though he’s not 13, he has the exact same personality as Ethan in Frenchie’s Best Friend! (Personality of a slacker, too!) Just like the Ethan in the book, he tries to go the easy way.

I thought that if Ethan’s going to keep his pet grooming such a secret, his blog might give it away if his mom finds out.  Then he won’t have time to blog to his customers, not to come. (Pet Grooming + Mom Finds Out= BEING GROUNDED) – NOT GOOD!

 So Mary Laudien has just come in and was reading a short snippet of her book and at first I thought well this “gross” chapter can’t be THAT bad!  And about half way through I swear I saw half of the class gag!  I’m just glad that she didn’t get into too much detail!  All in all she’s a fantastic writer and I would really like the chance to sit down and get to know her!

Mary Laudien walked into the room and introduced herself as the author of Frenchie’s Best Friend. She seemed very excited about the book and in her description of it she threw out word after word of incredibly descriptive language (that I’m sure the majority of us didn’t really understand) as part of the book.  I don’t know what I thought the book would be about, but I know what I wasn’t expecting, was exactly what I got. It was extremely funny, incredibly descriptive, and maybe a little odd, but was a very good book.  I think this will be a great story to read!

Wow! Frenchie’s Best Friend is such an interesting, funny story!  I made a good connection to this story because I have begged my dad for things, I have hidden things from my mom and just like Ethan, I have done things behind my parents’ back!  I really love how this book has so much humor. I think it is a very funny book (well, the part I heard anyway) and I would like to read the whole story.

And just to demonstrate that one’s book can’t always please everyone and get a positive review, there was ONE in the mix:

In the chapter that I heard I concluded that I would not like to read this book. I think that it is more meant for younger audiences with its humor. I think it is too revolting to be funny and personally, I didn’t think that was the best chapter to represent the whole book.  It’s also kind of cheesy, which you can expect when there is an adult writing a book about a kid and desperately trying to be “hip”.

Hmmm…. Oh well…. maybe Science Fiction is more his genre…



Dedication of Frenchie X 2 -Follow the Blog


The manuscript was ready to be uploaded to CreateSpace for publication, all that was missing was the dedication.  It was time for me to write this; as it was important that the book be published in time.

“My sister Marlene laughed so hard that she almost fell out of her hospital bed as her daughter read the first novel, Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog to her. My hope is that she will experience as much comic relief and chuckles from Frenchie X 2.  This story is for you, my courageous sister.”

Marlene, my oldest sister (#1 of 6); has been battling brain cancer for a year and a half and lives her days mostly in a hospital bed with friends and family dropping in on her. Before her illness began, Marlene had a vital role as an alderwoman in a small Saskatchewan city, constantly giving of herself to her community. Not to mention that this same woman lived a balanced healthy lifestyle – swimming daily and working out. Having Marlene face the challenges of cancer treatments and then accept the return of the tumors, has been daunting.

My admiration for my big sister is clearly about her attitude.  She doesn’t complain, she doesn’t get angry about the early onset of her illness; instead she simply tries to enjoy her days and the time she has with the important people in her life.

I’m anxious for the book to be in her hands soon, so that she can still enjoy it.  Knowing how much she loved being a pet owner and a doggie grandma, she will certainly relate to the story and hopefully the humor of Frenchie X 2 will be a fun distraction to her day.