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Picture a new author trying to break into the world of self-publishing.  Such a messy journey! Writing novels is exhilarating! Preparing an Author’s Platform is challenging!  Solution:  meet a high school computer genius… Enter Yasef !

Yasef took one look at this author’s website, and immediately diagnosed the issues… No doubt about it, this writer absolutely needed his expertise.  Yasef advertises as a Web Designer / Host and Computer Consultant. Imagine a 16 year old running a company while attending high school!  How amazing is that?

This techy genius immersed the author of Frenchie’s Best Friend into the world of changing servers, setting up backlinks for blog commenting, forums, and directory submission.  The most difficult task was coming up with 2 or 3 keywords/phrases that specifically described content and product uniquely for the search engine. Days were spent struggling with this formidable task; oh the excruciating agony of it!  This is what was finally chosen with Yasef’s approval:

Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog

humorous dog novel

French Bulldogs

When Yasef reconstructed the website over his winter break holiday (from somewhere overseas), he stated that he was going to create a masterpiece.  Please check it out and leave comments regarding your impressions of it as an author site.

Hopefully any of you new authors out there struggling to build your Author Platform will be fortunate enough to find a talented Yasef, as well!  (Or perhaps you are just more technically adept than this new author!)