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5 Reasons NOT to Read Frenchie’s Best Friend


Don’t even consider reading Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog this summer, if:

1.  you aren’t “gaga” about  dogs (especially French Bulldogs).

2.  you dislike reading for fun and humorous entertainment.

3. you’re a perfect teen that never does anything wrong or devious.

4. you can’t relate to a “Frenchie crazy” 13 year old boy from a single parent home with an interfering and quirky Grandma living nearby.

5.  you’ve never wanted anything so badly that you’d do ANYTHING to make it happen!

Of course on the off- chance that this doesn’t apply to you and you’d actually like to read Frenchie’s Best Friend, there are several ways to get your hands on the print copy or eBook.  The easiest is to go to my website and click on the title

Sample or Purchase:
a. eBook Format
Kindle: http://
b.Paperback:  (CANADA) (US)

Of course, I’m sure you don’t want to read this first book of the Frenchie series!


Better Hat than Woman Overboard


Sailing along the Pacific Coast, means donning a Scala hat, especially at the age where brown spots magically appear daily. Wearing a broad brimmed hat on the water is mandatory, regardless of its lack of a fashionista appeal. Movies and TV ads never show the woman aboard a sailboat in an ugly hat or flattened hat hair.  Oh no, they look gorgeous, nautical, tanned and relaxed.  Reality, the Scala hat can’t just be any cap, no, it has to be full-on with a wide brim for maximum sun protection.

It’s bad enough you have to wear the thing, but it’s never discussed how trying it is to keep the ugly hat on one’s head out in the wailing winds.  No matter how tightly the tie is cinched, there’s no guarantee the Scala will stay protectively on one’s head.

Yesterday, as I emerged from the protected area of the dodger to take over the wheel, my Scala lifted off into the ocean.  Can you visualize the  difficulty in seeing the black Scala amongst the waves and swells?  Husband Ryan immediately went into his MAN OVERBOARD drill.  (We won’t be spending another $40. on a Scala replacement, now will we?)  Oh no, the hook was thrown into my awkward hands while the Captain grabbed back possession of the wheel. Could I even see the errant hat amongst the waves?  Not a chance.  But the mighty captain spied it and sailed past the soppy floater, as I frantically tried positioning myself to hook it on.  Of course, I, the awkward and uncoordinated, missed the hat completely as it floated on past us. “Perseverance” is the Captain’s second name, and the boat was maneuvered around as “eagle eye”, once more, spotted the escaping Scala and pointed emphatically at it.  With sunshine glaring in my eyes, I actually spotted it just in time and ventured to re-position the hook without getting tangled in the shrouds.  Missing the brim, I stabbed desperately at the cinched tie and incredibly I had it. Lifting it frantically out of the waves; it dropped off the useless hook.  Intent on nabbing the precious Scala, I leaned over the life lines, lunging breathlessly at it in one quick motion, losing my balance.  How I retrieved the precious Scala and kept my body from going over the lines into the water, is unbeknownst to both the Captain and I. But I had the sloppy, disgusting hat on the end of the nasty hook to prove it  and I felt proud!

My Scala survived, rinsed and ready for the next sail.  Husband Ryan is content; he saved the $40. replacement charge and congratulates himself on yet another successful MAN OVERBOARD drill.  My thoughts?  “Better the hat than the woman overboard.”

Winner of Blog Comment Contest


What a great time we had together last week at the  Nanaimo Wellington Branch!  It was great fun sharing the first two books of the Frenchie Series with the participants of the Summer Reading Club. Nothing is more enjoyable for an author of juvenile fiction to have the participants laughing during the readings and commenting on how they can personally relate to the novels.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to leave a comment about your experience with me or your recommendations to others to read Frenchie’s Best Friend-Follow the Blog and Frenchie X2-Follow the Blog. It made my day to hear that some of you are inspired to start your own blogs about your summer adventures.  I knew there were writers in the audience!

I have taken all of your names and put them in a very “scientific draw machine” (a ball cap) and I’d like to congratulate Gracie as the winner of the Frenchie Tee-Shirt and an autographed copy of Frenchie X2!  Gracie will be contacted by email to arrange drop off or mailing of her prizes.

Thanks everyone for your participation and HAPPY SUMMER READING! I sure hope my first two novels of the Frenchie series is on your reading list!


Children’s Writer Shares Enthusiasm


Children’ s Writer Shares


         Nanoose Bay author Mary Laudien is having a blast writing humorous, contemporary novels for anyone who loves their pet.

She shares that enthusiasm with young readers at the Wellington Library’s Summer Reading Club Thursday(July 5 ) at 2 p.m.

Laudien, a retired principal from West Vancouver, is writing the third book in her Frenchie series, aimed at nine to 12-year-olds, ages that she believes engage in reading through humorous books they relate to personally.

In the first book, Ethan enlists the aid of his quirky grandmother, and a following of bloggers, to realize his dream of owning a French bulldog. Misadventures ensue, including a bargain dogwash business in his mother’s laundry room, all shared nightly on his blog.

The sequel sees Ethan and his mom with not just one, but two puppies to train .

The books are available at CHAPTERS as well as Nanaimo Maps and Charts.

To register for the summer reading program, please contact the library at 250-758-5544. The Wellington branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library is located at 3032 Barons Rd.

For more information on Laudien’s books, or to read the bulldog blog, please visit

Thank you to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for running this article!  Wouldn’t it be fun to have the Wellington Library packed with doggie people who love to read?  Join me for some laughs and some free Frenchie Give-Aways.  And don’t forget, participants at the Frenchie series presentation can enter the Blog Comment Contest to try out your blogging skills!

Blog Comment Contest


With summer reading upon us, Mary Laudien is excited to share the first two books of her Frenchie series as a way to inspire kids to read and write blogs over the long summer break.

In preparation for Mary Laudien’s Author Visit to Nanaimo Wellington Library’s Summer Reading Club, she has organized a BLOG COMMENT CONTEST as a follow-up activity.  Participants will be given a business card with her blog address (  They will be asked to visit her blog site after the Author Visit and leave a comment.  The participants will have some experience with blogs through her readings and will be asked to briefly comment on one of the following:

1. a recommendation for an author visit with Mary Laudien

2. a brief review of or recommendation for the novels introduced: Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog or Frenchie X2- Follow the Blog

3. a personal connection that the participant made to the books  or the characters

The comment  must be posted by 10:00 p.m.  on July 10th with an EMAIL ADDRESS included so that Mary can contact the winner of the draw on July 11th.  The winner will be contacted by email to arrange delivery or mailing of the Frenchie Give-Aways. The prizes are the Frenchie Tee-Shirt (Size XLarge Kid’s Size) and a copy of Mary’s second novel- Frenchie X2-Follow the Blog. (Please Note: The teddy wearing the tee-shirt is NOT included in the Prize Package!)



And most of all, thank you for attending the Wellington Summer Reading Club on July 5th  at 2:00 pm with Mary Laudien!

Blog Comment Contest, Discounted Books, Frenchie Give-Aways!


LOCAL AUTHOR has a BLAST Sharing her Frenchie Novels during Nanaimo Wellington Library Summer Reading Club

Local Nanoose Bay author, Mary Laudien, a retired principal from West Vancouver is having a blast writing humorous, contemporary novels that make a fun read for anyone who loves their pet or is a “pet-owner wannabe”.  She is currently writing the third book in her Frenchie series to share with 9-12 year olds in libraries and schools. If you like hilarious, realistic novels that give you belly laughs, then Laudien’s Author Visit during the Wellington Library Summer Reading Club is a great summer activity choice.  Laudien will be presenting on Thursday, July 5th at 2:00 (45 minutes) to all who have pre-registered for the Summer Reading Club session.

Laudien believes that middle years kids engage in reading if there is humor and they can personally relate to the story. She will build those bridges with her books for the kids, as well as answer any questions that the burgeoning young authors in the audience might have for her.

“The books are timely in this day and age when everyone is totally gaga over their pets,” Laudien states. “They have appeal for people of all ages, not just the Grade 4+ audience for which the first one was originally written.  Pet care workers, pet owners, French Bulldog lovers, grandparents, and most importantly adolescents who just want to read something that makes then chuckle out loud are enjoying them. And in our tech savvy world, following Ethan’s nightly blog postings to his fellow French Bulldog lovers and friends, adds to the fun.”

When asked where she is going from here, Laudien replied, “I am concentrating on getting my books into the hands of kids for their summer reading, while I continue with the third book in the series.” 

Not only will participants have the opportunity to purchase the first two books of the Frenchie series at discounted prices, she has some fun Frenchie Give-Aways planned for the participants.  As well, a Blog Comment Contest  is open to the people who attend her session on July 5th.  They will be instructed to use their new blogging skills acquired during her talk and leave a comment on her blog site ( related to the presentation.  It can be a brief review/recommendation of the books, the presentation or a personal connection they made to the readings.  Participants must leave their email address wiith their comment so that they can be entered in the draw for the Frenchie Tee-Shirt and Frenchie X2.

For further information about local shops selling Mary Laudien’s books or how to order them online, visit or contact her directly for book club or school/library presentations at mlaudien@telus.netPhone: (250) 468-1411.

CHAPTERS in Nanaimo is carrying her first book, Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog and downtown, Nanaimo Maps and Charts on Church Street carries both titles.

Don’t miss Mary Laudien’s Author Visit at the Wellington Library.  Come for the fun and humor and enjoy the Frenchie Give-Aways.

Summer Reading Program at Nanaimo Wellington Library


If you’re a 9 to 12 year old  you will want to join


This is an author visit for absolutely anyone who likes having FUN, reading HUMOROUS BOOKS and is GAGA over their PET (French Bulldogs, in particular!). Mary is writing her third novel in the Frenchie series and she is excited to share her first two books with anyone who meets the above criteria!


$6.99                                                                            $9.99

If you own a pet or are a “pet- owner wannabe”, you’ll make a personal connection with the hilarious and chaotic contemporary fiction in this series. Listen to some hysterical readings from Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog and the sequel Frenchie X 2- Follow the Blog, Mary will let you in on some family secrets that inspired her to write the series, she’ll give you some tips on writing entertaining blogs, and would be happy to answer burning questions regarding the writing and publishing process.

Frenchie Give-Aways and Door Prizes during her presentation. Books sold at discounted prices during the presentation.  They are also available locally at CHAPTERS in Nanaimo and NANAIMO MAPS AND CHARTS.

Location:  Nanaimo Wellington Library

Date:  July 5, 2012 at 2:00 p.m.