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One night left and it’s off to Europe for 3 weeks! Sounds fantastic, right? truthfully, the anticipation is actually killing me! Why you ask?
1. Procrastination- Tickets were purchased in Nov. (Plenty of time to set itinerary and get packed and organized for trip… Don’t you think?)
2. Traveling with another woman- (Significant collaboration regarding what to wear to the airport, what size of suitcase to take, decisions regarding suitable clothing choices, what host gifts to purchase and transport, … You get the picture, I know you do…)
3. Technology overload- how to communicate with only an iPad, making important CLOTHING decisions based on weather forecasts from weather ap, all bookings – flights, rail and hotels pre-booked on Internet… ARGH! Need I say more?
4. House and yard prep for a month’s absence
5. Saying good-bye to family and friends- Everyone knows about your adventure but they can’t quite remember when exactly you’re leaving, so it’s become a day after day farewell. ( In fact, one starts to feel apologetic for not having left yet! -ha! It actually reminds me of when the birth of my son was 2 weeks overdue and my neighbors would catch me out in the yard and say, “You’re STILL home?”
6. Worry-Will my alarm go off? Did I practice my German enough? Will I catch my flight? Do people actually brush their teeth in the plane’s washroom on an overnight flight? Will I wilt in the outfit I plan to travel in? Do I have all the paperwork needed? WILL MY HUSBAND EVER SEE ME AGAIN? (Okay, I may be getting a little carried away with that one …)


I’m sure all of you have had travel jitters. Why don’t you leave a comment for me, telling me about your worst nightmare?

What you don’t know is that this was a pre-flight tech test for me to see whether I could actually write a post with photos on my iPad. ( How did I do in my overwhelmed state?)