We all know someone who appears to have embraced their senior years in stride.(AM I KIDDING?) Rather, most of us are acquainted with those who approach the “DARK SIDE” kicking and panicked. My sister-in-law was in total disbelief that she qualified as an OAS (Old Age Security) recipient. YEP-she’s a SENIOR CITIZEN! She never ever expected her 65th birthday would actually arrive… DUH!

What do you do to help distract this loved one, who is hyperventilating over her BIG DAY? I know! You plan a surprise girls party for her the night before. Imagine not allowing her the time to perseverate about aging as she reaches that midnight pinnacle to the “OTHER SIDE”. Sounds easy, right? Just invite some of her best girlfriends over for tapas and cake. Pretty simple, right? Ordinarily, yes. With my sister-in-law? Not so much!

This fiery, self-assured LEO has to be in control! The first sign of trouble was when the ruse was planned with her husband, not her. He was instructed to let her know that they were invited out to our place for a glass of wine before a dinner on the patio at the Golf Course Restaurant. It was explained that this would be a pre-birthday distraction- just the four of us having a relaxing night out together. Her husband was implored to be STRONG and make it happen! (Translation: Don’t let her say no; she has a history of never letting others do anything nice for her.)

WELL, regardless of our believable story, I live to be surprised! All 12 women had been contacted and confirmed, and her close friends carried on with their birthday lunches to ensure her suspicious nature wasn’t alerted. Pretty easy-peasy, right?

NO WAY! First she called to say that she had invited her elderly parents to join us for dinner. I had to say, well no, they weren’t actually invited. At this point, the somewhat inflexible LEO said she had wanted to take us all out for birthday pizza and now I had wrecked her plan. I explained forcefully, that she could still do her thing with her parents on her actual birthday, but this was supposed to be a relaxing dinner with just the four of us. Not an early pizza lunch- which has become the usual. She wasn’t happy and wouldn’t let it go until she finally ended the call exasperated, telling me that I’d have to uninvite her parents.(Of course I didn’t…. Husband Ryan was sent to do the deed.) He told them that it was a special event at the Golf Course and we could only get a reservation for four.) Note that they weren’t told the truth; they’d blab- not intentionally, of course!

Disaster was averted,right? Oh no, stubborn LEO continued to harass her husband for answers. Why wouldn’t Mom and Dad be invited? We always celebrate together! Doesn’t Mary like my Mom and Dad? How could they uninvite my parents? (You get the picture…)

The ultimate craziness occurred when she called the Golf Course Restaurant to find out if a dinner reservation had been made and for how many, and was there a special dinner event happening that night?…. SERIOUSLY! Do you know anyone who would do this?

Incredibly, her husband did get her out to our place, albeit a little late (totally out of character for her). Who knows what she thought was going to happen, but I’m pretty sure she never envisioned the special gathering of women who enjoy her regal, strong personality. Our Queen Bee had an initial shock and then she had a blast. The first thing out of her LEO mouth was, “But I didn’t even get dressed up!” (Remember, Leos like to to be admired.)

What have you done?

What have you done?



Stylish LEO Senior- heavy-duty uplift bra, senior headband, licorice necklace...where's the cane?

Stylish LEO Senior- heavy-duty uplift bra, senior headband, licorice necklace…where’s the cane?





I know you all have surprise birthday party highlights (or nightmares)! Please share them with us. Just tell us about them in the Comment Section. If you enjoyed the post, please pass the link http://www.twocandobooks.wordpress.com on to others that you think might have a chuckle. I have to add that the Surprise Party ended up magical with our LEO enjoying herself amongst the most incredible women guests. And believe me, my “margarita- maker neighbor” was a huge highlight to our party, as well.




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