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Downton Abbey Series Finale Tonight



It’s time for Downton Abbey fans to say goodbye to the Crawleys’ aristocratic chronicles of this British historical drama!  We’ll miss the series’ characters of whom we’ve all grown so fond. Sunday evenings will become void as we miss the anticipated delight of immersing ourselves into their lives each Sunday night on PBS! Haven’t we all loved the family dynamics, the historical social change process, the setting, and the fashions of this bygone era? The friendship, loyalties, secrets, and realistic family issues have been the core of keeping us glued to this gripping dramatic series.  Many have ordered the DVD’s of the entire 6 seasons and will no doubt revisit them again. Keep your kleenex box handy, as the trailers have hinted that we’re going to feel emotional as we say farewell to the Downton Abbey series.



-A NOVEL   -By Wendy Wax

With the end of the Downton Abbey Series, it seemed an appropriate time to introduce fans who will be missing the series, to a book that centers around the show.  It is a light, humorous, tender read that encourages female friendship and bonding.   As four very different women (in various stages of life), find themselves connecting through the weekly screenings of Downton Abbey, hosted by the concierge of their apartment building. The story becomes one of risk-taking, friendship-making, and supporting one’s friends through the dicier, unpleasant hurdles of life.  You’ll enjoy the Downton Abbey connection, as it will probably encourage you to set up your own weekly screenings with girlfriends (and British refreshments), as well….

If you decide to check it out, click on While We Were Watching Downton Abbey  The book is entertaining and it will give you all kinds of ideas for how to further your entertainment of the Downton Abbey reruns.


Share your feelings about the final episode of Downton Abbey. (I know you’re feeling emotional like I am!)  Come on, leave a comment so we can all weep together… ha!









World Book DayCelebrations for WORLD BOOK DAY are happening today in schools everywhere.  Students arrived in class dressed up as their favorite character and enjoying author visits, as well as sharing their own books published through Writers’ Workshop.  It’s an opportunity to inspire enthusiasm for one’s favorite titles and create awareness of the diverse and worthwhile reads out there.

No longer an educator participating in these school celebrations, I chose to share a book review of an eBook that was recently written by a woman while undergoing breast cancer and extended preventative surgery.  Tanyia Pelham was motivated to  write, HEARTS of the PRAIRIE PAST, as she convalesced and reminisced about her youth in the 70’s,  living on a ranch situated near a small prairie town. She weaves a tale that is authentic through the dialogue (They really did talk this way!), and the priorities and principles that rural communities lived by in those days. Although, the life she creates appears simpler, there are still the conflicts, disagreements, secrets, vandalism, and racism that is prevalent in our society of today. Coming of age is the theme of Tanyia’s novel, capturing the insecurities of a young teenage girl as she discovers her inner strengths and accepts herself as she is. Any city tween/teen picking this novel up would find the contrast between the way country girl, Missy grew up pre-tech, completely foreign from their own modern day childhoods.  This can’t be classified as a historical novel, but it does take you back to a time, after the fallout from World War Two, and the importance of community to support one another. For the adults, this novel would be a walk down memory lane of a life that seemed simpler and straight forward.

You may want to celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY by reading Tanyia Pelham’s tender story from an era of by-gone days. It is available on Amazon in Kindle format or paperback. me know if you celebrated WORLD BOOK DAY by snuggling in with a favorite read, and if you did, what was it? Leave a comment below, I’d love to receive book recommendations from you.